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How to enable picture-in-picture mode on iPhone and iPad YouTube app

Google’s YouTube iOS app will be receiving picture-in-picture support enabling users to watch videos while multitasking on iPhone and iPad. At the moment this is rolling out to YouTube premium subscribers first.

How to enable PIP on YouTube iOS app

  • First make sure you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, as this feature only works for Premium subscribers at the moment
  • While watching a video, swipe up (or press home) to close the app, which also activates the “mini player” aka picture-in-picture.


  • Locking the screen while watching in PiP will pause the video.
  • You can resume the video using the lock screen media controls.

Apple added support for picture-in-picture video for iPad back when the company launched iOS 13 and then later on iPhone with iOS 14. As with all new iOS features, developers need to adopt them for their apps. Netflix and other big names have adopted the feature but Google’s YouTube hasn’t officially launched the feature yet despite some users reporting they were able to use it sporadically. When the feature comes to all users, iPhone and iPad users will finally have an experience on par with Android users. This feature is available until October 31st, after which the features fate is uncertain. More than likely the feature will just become part of the YouTube app on iOS.

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