• January 20, 2021

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De.Central Review | Nintendo Game & Watch

As a part of Nintendo’s 35th Annivesary, the company launched a number of games and hardware. One of the pieces of hardware was a modern version of the Game & Watch. This follows retro hardware such as the NES Classic and SNES Classic in recent years. A hallmark of these retro devices has been an […]

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De.Central Review | Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s top-tier next-gen super console has been out since November but like many of you, we are experiencing it after Christmas since we either gave it or received it as a gift. If you were quick enough on launch day to pre-order it and receive it before Christmas then congratulations. For everyone else that is […]


De.Central Review | 15″ Surface Book 3

Microsoft’s 15″ Surface Book 3 is available today and it’s time to review Microsoft’s most unique Surface. We will take a look at its history, examine its merits, compare its specs to the previous generation 15″ Surface Book 2 and compare its features and specs with the current 16″ MacBook Pro. Hold on and let’s […]