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xCloud is now coming to iOS in 2021

With Apple’s recent olive branch, if you can call it that, xCloud will be coming to iOS devices in 2021. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced at an all-hands meeting that xCloud would come to iOS early next year, “We absolutely will end up on iOS.” Until now, streaming AAA titles like Halo, Sea of Thieves and […]

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How to play Xbox games on your iPhone with the new Xbox (beta) app

We are about to enter the next generation in gaming. It will be untethered from the bounds of the past where words like “exclusive” will be lost forever. Words like “cross-platform” and “cross-play” will live on. A future where consoles, PC’s, Tablets and phones are all part of the modern gaming experience, unless you are […]

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HomePod users can now set any music, podcast and audiobooks service as default

Apple updated its HomePod with the iOS 14 beta today and those changes now allow its owners to set a number of defaults that were in the past locked down. With the iOS 14 beta 2 update today, users can now set their own default music, podcast and audiobook services if you prefer alternatives to […]

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While Apple unifies its platform, we ask what happened to the Windows platform unification?

On Monday Apple announced its two-year transition to move its Macs to Apple-made silicon and also that all iOS and iPadOS apps can run on Apple silicon powered macOS Big Sur devices. With Apple seemingly copying Windows Phone UX, using the term Universal Apps and touting Microsoft Office as already up and running on Apple’s […]

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What to expect from Apple at WWDC 2020

Apple is set to have its first virtual week-long WWDC conference, amid a torrent of antitrust scrutiny and a slew of rumored products. We have reported on many rumors for upcoming products such as an ARM-based MacBook and iMac, a new HomePod, a new A12X powered Apple TV, the new AirPods Studio over-ear headphones and […]

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Firefox VPN beta to be released as Mozilla VPN

Mozilla looks ready to roll out its recently launched beta VPN, Firefox Private Network, and now will be known henceforth at Mozilla VPN. Mozilla says “The VPN will exit Beta phase in the next few weeks, move out of the Firefox Private Network brand, and become a stand-alone product, Mozilla VPN, to serve a larger […]


Apple reveals lineup for WWDC 2020

Apple has revealed the lineup for its WWDC week long conference, which will be its first virtual WWDC because of Coronavirus. The conference will be free for all developers through the developer app and developer website. WWDC will include a keynote and Platforms State of the Union timing, and information on how developers can learn […]

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With Xbox Series X, XCloud will be the most powerful gaming cloud

XCloud continues to add to the ever-growing library of titles it already has, at least for Android currently, because there is only 1 game available for iOS. Today in a blog post, Microsoft said “With Project xCloud, we’re not just building the most powerful and compatible console, we’re building the fastest, most powerful, and most compatible […]

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Darkmode for Facebook Android app leaks

Facebook has been adding ‘Dark Mode’ to its various properties like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook’s desktop site and now the company is continuing that progress with the Facebook Android app. From the screenshot below we can see Facebook’s version of what dark mode is and how consistently the design is being translated from the new […]

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XCloud adds 5 more game titles

XCloud continues to add to the ever-growing library of titles it already has, at least for Android currently, because there is only 1 game available for iOS. Today Microsoft shared that there are five more games joining XCloud. The five new titles are Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Batman: Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat […]