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iPhone 12 Pro design leak



It would see that Apple is not happy with the current iPhone 11 Pro camera design because a new design leak shows a new approach.

Major iPhone 12 Pro 5G leak reveals new camera design and LiDAR scanner
Apple iPhone 12 Pro concept by 9TechEleven

This image shows what looks like a triple camera design with Lidar in the bottom right hand corner. Notice the similarity to the 2020 iPad Pro on the right. This also appears to be a return to the iPhone 4 – iPhone SE/current iPad Pro design theme of flat sides.

Major iPhone 12 Pro 5G leak reveals new camera design and LiDAR scanner

The diagram above was reportedly found in a leaked build of iOS14 by Concepts iPhone a week ago then tweeted out by @Choco_bit. @EveryApplePro tweeted the render below. @Choco_bit says they are an Apple Authorized Service Provider and other sources say they have a decent track record with leaks. Jon Prosser says it is “100% real” and Max Weinback corroborated it as well.

In terms of the rumored iPhone with USB-C, it sounds like Apple might skip that all together and go strait to a port-less iPhone. The displays are said to be 6.1″ in for the iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7″ for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the increase in size is likely due to the addition of 5G and its trade-offs. There is also a rumor of a 5.4″ iPhone 12 which should be slightly smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro with a 5.8″ display. Along with the 5.4″ iPhone 12 will be a 6.1″ iPhone 12. These two phones will be the less expensive iPhone models like the iPhone 11 is now. We will have to wait till Apple’s fall event to find out for sure, until then check back for continued coverage.

By Platform De.Central | Sources: @Chocobit, @EveryApplePro, 9TechEleven, Jon Prosser, Max Weinbach



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