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Wunderlist Alternatives



If you are a productive person chances are you use lists of some sort to track tasks. If you are highly productive, then you are probably using a To Do list App. One of the most popular To Do lists in recent years is Wunderlist. Wunder list was acquired 5 years ago, like most small independent companies by a platform owner, Microsoft. On May 6th of this year, you will no longer be able to sign up.

To Do

If you want the least amount of headache in learning a new App then just use To Do. Hit the download link below and follow the instructions below.

  • Sign into your Microsoft account or sign up for one.
  • A pop-up will appear directing you to the Wunderlist importer or find a link to the importer in Settings which is the first option listed in settings, you can’t miss it.

If you are upset that the former Wunderlist is owned by a platform owner and is no longer independent then let’s review a few alternatives below.


Todoist is a powerful yet simple alternative to Wunderlist/To Do. It is a platform agnostic app and is published on the Microsoft Store, Sideload on Windows, Mac App Store, Linux, Android, iOS/iPadOS, Browser Extensions for Brave, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Firefox, Safari, Apple Watch, Wear OS, email addons such as Outlook & Gmail. We use Todoist at Platform De.Central and definitely recommend it.

Another great Wunderlist/To Do is Any.Do is available on Android, iOS &Web App. This app does lack some of the extensions for email that both To Do and Todoist offer, if you don’t need that then hit the download link below.

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