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Gotham Knights and the world beyond the Batman



Gotham knights is out now and OMG this game is such a breath of fresh air. There is so much to do from your basic crime solving like a basic murder mystery there is just so much you can do when you play as the bat family because spoilers but also not spoilers, the Batman is dead. You will be playing as either Night-wing, Robin, Batgirl, or my personal favorite Red-hood.

Moving to the side for a second I also wanted to talk quickly about the 30FPS that so many people have complained about if you have followed the game before it came out and all I have to say to those people is, you can’t even tell the difference especially in the heat of battle. This place tries to focus on praise anyways and only goes meaner when the game developers deserve it *cough* *cough* 343.

Now with that out of the way let’s move to the flow of game play. For anyone who played the last game and hated the idea of Batman doing all the stuff in one night then fear not this will be multiple nights. I am already a month into the game for about 24ish days and I have really gotten the feel for it the story is still feels like I am not even half way there, but I am getting the feeling that I might be getting close. Each character has their own style of traversal dialogue and combat styles so if you have beaten the game as one character or you’re still in the story and you get bored of your character, well then you can just switch any time you want.

If you have a buddy to play with then the game has a super cool drop in and out system for online. allowing you to beat the whole game solo or as a team. If you wish to stop a crime at the top of Gotham city while your friend is getting collectibles or stopping another crime somewhere else then they can do that, but story mission will teleport the other player inti the mission. It’s really nice but if your friend collects something then you should know that is the only thing I would change is that.

For my final thoughts the game menu needs the tiniest bit of clean up. It’s not that bad but it feels like it can be touched up a bit. The game has crafting and that doesn’t seem needed at all, but maybe it will be more useful towards the end of the game. For now, however, it feels kind of unnecessary even having it the characters can be a little cringy sometimes with their dialogue but hey even the best movies ever can have some cringe moments and still be amazing and I think that applies here. I would highly recommend this game and would recommend this game to the 30FPS haters too.



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