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Peloton is developing a new fitness wearable



Peloton is working on a digital heart-rate armband and evidence was discovered buried within their iOS app. Rumors of a Peloton wearable started earlier this year when the company acquired Atlas Wearables Inc.

Based on the code discovered the device will come in multiple sizes and after pairing via Bluetooth to Peloton equipment, it will automatically pair afterwards. The wearable will be able to capture the intensity of workouts by measuring heart-rate. It will work with Peloton’s heart-rate zones that gives users feedback on their workout’s intensity. “Track the intensity of your workouts from Zone 1 (lowest effort) to Zone 5 (maximum capacity),” the code explains. “Using the adjustable strap, wear the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor snug on your forearm to accurately monitor your effort during workouts.”

The wearable will include an adjustable strap with an integrated battery and will enable the wearable to sleep once the strap is removed. It will have a small display to show battery level and its Bluetooth pairing mode. The wearable seems to be more in line with fitness wearables rather than a full-blown smart watch. The wearable will receive software updates which could expand its feature set in the future.

This isn’t exactly Peloton’s first wearable since it sells a $49 heart-rate monitor that you strap to your chest, but this will further expand their wearable portfolio.



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