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How to shift between connected devices with your Xbox Series X controller



It is a little known fact that you can shift between two connected devices like, Xbox, PC, tablet and phone with the controller that comes with you Xbox Series X|S. If like us, you have more than one device you connect the same controller to then this How-to guide is sure to save you time.

How to shift between devices

Xbox Series X controller with circled sync button
  • First, connect your controller with two devices, like a Xbox, Tablet, phone or PC. This can be done by holding down the ‘Sync’ button (image above) on both the controller and Xbox or with another device hold down the ‘Sync’ button on your controller which will make it discoverable and find it in the list of Bluetooth devices on your device.
  • To shift between devices simply double tap the sync button – the Xbox button will flash slowly then the controller connect to your other device.
  • To shift back to your other device double tap the pairing button, this will reconnect your controller to the last device you connected to.

Shout out to Microsoft’s Timo Wolf for sharing valuable information that many of us would have never discovered on our own. Perhaps Microsoft should make these kind of helpful tips for discoverable.



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