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School from Home Gear & Tips



With weeks to months of isolation facing us all, we put together a School from Home Gear list with Tips to avoid leaving our homes and to help “Flatten the Curve.”


First, set up a schedule that you and your kids can stick to.

Next, if you are remote learning and need to log in for classes at a certain time then frame your day around that.

If you are not remote learning and want to keep your kids up to date with their school work then create a daily schedule around certain subjects that either their teacher has laid out for you before the school closure or create one that is appropriate for their grade level. Scholastic is providing free daily courses for kids during the pandemic at this link.

Include in their schedule time to learn new skills like coding & drawing with the Osmo starter kits below.

Kids Activity Kits

Kids Laptops & Tablets

$200 & Under Laptops

Kids Tablets

Kids Desk

Kids Headphones

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