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XCloud on iPad walk-through



XCloud for iOS devices is out now in Test Flight. The app will feel different from the app on Android due to some Apple imposed restrictions. The main difference right now is that there is only one game. Ok well that is not exactly true, Master Chief Collection is more like 4-5 games in one, plus c’mon its Halo.

Below I will give you links to sign up for the preview of XCloud on iOS, how it works on iPad and links to get the gear you need to rock XCloud on your iPad.

Step 1 | Register and install XCloud

If you haven’t already signed up for XCloud use this Link. If you have been rocking XCloud on your Android device and want to try iOS be sure to switch over your registration details from Android to iOS, with this Link. You will receive an invite like the one below when you get the email invite.

Step 2 | Get your iPad

First either grab your iPad or shop the links below to get yourself one of the four iPad models below.

Step 3 | Get your Xbox Controller

Next grab your Xbox wireless controller or hit the button below.

Under settings on your iPad turn on bluetooth and press the pairing button on your Xbox controller to get paired up.

Step 4 | Start XCloud & select a game

You want have a hard time choosing a game right now, as there is only one.

Master Chief Collection includes – Halo Reach, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST & Halo 4. Halo Reach and Halo 3 ODST is not included in Halo MCC, they are both paid add-ons that cost $10 each (worth it). But during the XCloud preview you can freely play them!
The experience is the same as on console other than the small screen. The only difference might be your network speed. Game streaming is definitely a reason to opt for faster broadband speeds if possible. If you have an iPad with LTE then you are onnly limited by your network’s coverage.

Overall I would say the experience with XCloud is that it is fast and smooth with little lag, the ability to play on an iPad was a real plus. Just like with Android I am sure that the game selection will grow as long as Apple doesn’t get in the way.

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