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The Illusion of Platform Choice | Part 4

When you right about the tech industry, you also read other articles to learn about the perspective of fellow journalists. Tonight, I stumbled upon a piece by an Apple centric publication and after reading the article, it is no wonder they call themselves insiders. Unfortunately, this writer took an all or nothing approach to this […]

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The Illusion of platform choice. Part 3

In part one we examined Mobile Platforms & Desktop Platforms. In part two we examined Web Browsers. Today we will examine the ‘Universal Platform’, what it is, how it works and how we can get it. The ‘Universal Platform’ can be achieved two ways, through the operating system layer, or the apps layer. What is […]

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The Illusion of platform choice. Part 2

Last week we discussed operating system platforms and left off on Browsers. Here on Platform De.Central we care about Market Choice, Data Privacy & Platform Choice. In Part 2 of our 3 part series ‘The Illusion of platform choice’ we will be reviewing browsers based on those three criteria.  Google Chrome Google has changed web […]

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The Illusion of platform choice. Part 1

Today we ask things like, do I want an iPhone or an Android Phone, Mac, Chromebook or PC, iPad or Surface, Homekit, Alexa or Google, Facebook or nothing? Do we actually have a market where there is platform choice or the illusion of platform choice? How did we get here, why is it that there […]