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ARMs Race | Microsoft SQ2

The Windows on ARM platform continues to grow and evolve with the most recent devices such as Lenovo’s Flex 5G, Samsung’s Galaxy Book S and Microsoft’s Surface Pro X leading the charge along with Microsoft announcing x64 emulation to make all Windows apps compatible. Today’s announcement of the Surface Pro X with the new SQ2 […]

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Microsoft announces 2nd-Gen Surface Pro X

Microsoft has announced the 2nd-Generation Surface Pro X today, with a new Microsoft custom ARM chip, new color, new accessories and x64 emulation coming, Surface Pro X is ready for primetime. We will dive into the photos, video, specs and all the updates below.

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ARMs Race | Exynos + Radeon GPU takes the fight to Qualcomm

Samsung is set to take the fight to Qualcomm and Apple with their next-gen mobile platforms. In a leaked benchmark Samsung’s new hardware “Blows Qualcomm’s Adreno 650 out of the water,” according to BGR. About a year ago Samsung announced that it was teaming up with AMD to bring RDNA-based Radeon GPU’s to smartphones. According […]

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ARMs Race | Samsung to debut new Exynos chip in Galaxy Note 20

Samsung typically launches its phones with Snapdragon chips in western markets and Exynos chips in its home market plus others. Many companies are moving to designing their own chips to reduce reliance on Qualcomm and Intel. Recently we reported on a rumor that Google may develop its own chips with Samsung amid Microsoft developing its […]