• January 20, 2021

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Otterbox launches Xbox mobile Accessories

With the Gaming Platform Wars heating up and Cloud Gaming seeing a lot of growth, mobile device protection company Otterbox announced a lineup of Xbox mobile gaming accessories. Otterbox is partnering with Microsoft for a lineup of mobile Xbox accessories made for gaming on the go. OtterBox leverages decades of expertise in mobile accessories to […]

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Microsoft announces new Pulse Red Xbox Controller

Microsoft announced a new Xbox Series X|S controller in a new Pulse Red color that joins the other colors Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue. With a vivid, fiery-red topcase and crisp, white backcase, the new Pulse Red controller brings the same energy and equally striking color as the Shock Blue. Matte black triggers, bumpers, […]

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De.Central Review | Nintendo Game & Watch

As a part of Nintendo’s 35th Annivesary, the company launched a number of games and hardware. One of the pieces of hardware was a modern version of the Game & Watch. This follows retro hardware such as the NES Classic and SNES Classic in recent years. A hallmark of these retro devices has been an […]

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De.Central Review | Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s top-tier next-gen super console has been out since November but like many of you, we are experiencing it after Christmas since we either gave it or received it as a gift. If you were quick enough on launch day to pre-order it and receive it before Christmas then congratulations. For everyone else that is […]

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AppleCare Memo suggests a potential announcement next Tuesday

If three hardware events in as many months wasn’t enough, Apple may have another event up its sleeve. Reliable Apple leaker L0vetodream posted something of a cryptic tweet, which isn’t unusual for them. The tweet said “You’ll get a Christmas surprise from Apple (PS: Winter exclusive、good for winter). The tweet seems to suggest the long […]

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Confirmed: xCloud is coming to your TV

A few months ago, we read between the lines and correctly pointed out that in an official statement, Microsoft listed TV along other hardware platforms. We even quoted “your TV, PC and mobile devices,” in our headline. In a recent interview with The Verge Xbox boss Phil Spencer said, “I think you’re going to see […]