• January 24, 2021

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Android Launchers & the App Layer. Part 1

Android Launchers are a great way to customize your Android device and gives users more control over their experience. Custom icons, wallpapers and the ability to customize the UI is table stakes for most launchers. But the best launchers give you something far more valuable – Platform Choice! Suddenly your experience is portable. Lose your […]


Spotify Web Player is gaining a new feature

Spotify is well known for publishing its apps to almost every platform Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Amazon App Store, Playstation, Xbox (Microsoft Store), Speakers, Cars and a Web Player. It is a great example of a platform agnostic app and enables you to choose any platform while never skipping a beat. […]

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The Illusion of platform choice. Part 3

In part one we examined Mobile Platforms & Desktop Platforms. In part two we examined Web Browsers. Today we will examine the ‘Universal Platform’, what it is, how it works and how we can get it. The ‘Universal Platform’ can be achieved two ways, through the operating system layer, or the apps layer. What is […]


‘Go Cloudless’

Going Cloudless, it to remove all of your data from the cloud and keep it stored locally. Why would someone do that? Using cloud services are a great convenience and we don’t have to think about managing my files anymore. While that is true, with convenience comes trade-offs like personal data vulnerability and cost. Let’s […]

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The Illusion of platform choice. Part 2

Last week we discussed operating system platforms and left off on Browsers. Here on Platform De.Central we care about Market Choice, Data Privacy & Platform Choice. In Part 2 of our 3 part series ‘The Illusion of platform choice’ we will be reviewing browsers based on those three criteria.  Google Chrome Google has changed web […]