• January 24, 2021

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What to expect in 2021 | Microsoft Surface

With many states living under their Governor’s lockdowns, the economy has certainly suffered and subsequently the market has as well. Microsoft has held back a number of high-end devices this year and opting to release low-cost Surface devices instead for the most part. We still had some interesting Surface devices launch this year like the […]

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Parallels can now run Windows on your M1-powered Mac

Something magical has happened, Microsoft has made Windows 10 on Arm available to Parallels for M1-powered Macs. If you were used to using Parallels on your current or previous Macs, then today’s news is sure to brighten your day. Parallels has launched a Parallels Desktop 16 for M1 Mac Technical Preview Program. Till today Windows […]

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ARMs Race | Microsoft Silicon

Microsoft is making headlines today, not for its next-gen consoles or any new PC’s but for what might someday power them. It’s no secret that Apple’s new Macs powrred by Apple’s new M1 chip has shaken the industry in a profound way. Microsoft is often seen as Apple’s counterpoint in the industry and when Apple’s […]

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Firefox 84 now supports macOS on Apple Silicon and more

Mozilla just released their Firefox browser with support for Apple Silicon CPU’s in version 84. Firefox users had to utilize Rosetta 2 on their M1-powered Macs on Firefox 83, but now in the newest update, Firefox receives full Apple Silicon support. Not only did Firefox 84 receive Apple Silicon support but Firefox 83 was the […]