• January 15, 2021

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ARMs Race | New MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

Apple just announced three new ARM-based Apple M1-powered Macs yesterday and as we pointed at yesterday, there seems to be very little difference in the specs from the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Let’s dive into the specs to understand the differences and which one may be right for you. 256GB MacBook Air […]


Apple iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro | What is the difference?

Apple announced their long awaited and leaked iPhone 12 series today. As expected, the design resembled the iPhone 5 with familiar flat sides but with the bezeless display’s iPhone’s have had since the iPhone X and of course the inclusion of 5G. The design change was likely driven by the introduction of MagSafe accessories that […]


How to set a default web browser on iOS14

The freedom to choose seems like something we take for granted (at least in the U.S.), that’s why Apple’s artificial boundaries seem so egregious. While there are a few work arounds to have your email app and a few others, open your browser of choice, you may still find yourself hitting a link and suddenly […]


New 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G vs Surface Pro X

Samsung just announced its refreshed Galaxy Tab S models recently, faster ARM-based CPU’s, light and thin design, made for equal parts work + play and totally mobile with the available 5G option. This is a breed of computer that our readers are familiar with, always-connected, instant-on and lasts all day and keeps going. Apple’s iPad […]


De.Central Review | 15″ Surface Book 3

Microsoft’s 15″ Surface Book 3 is available today and it’s time to review Microsoft’s most unique Surface. We will take a look at its history, examine its merits, compare its specs to the previous generation 15″ Surface Book 2 and compare its features and specs with the current 16″ MacBook Pro. Hold on and let’s […]

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Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 768G

Qualcomm’s has announced the direct successor to the Snapdragon 765G, Snapdragon 758G. The successor is the same architecture but with major performance improvements. Being based on the same architecture means manufacturers who currently use the 765G will be able to easily swap in the newer chips and gain significant amounts of performance. It is also […]


16″ MacBook Pro vs 15″ Surface Book 3

Microsoft announced the refreshed Surface Book 3 models yesterday which included the 15″ model and Apple’s 16″ MacBook Pro was announced last November. How do these two premium powerhouse machines stack up? Let’s examine them both below. Surface Book 3 15″ Microsoft’s 3rd Generation Surface Book is more of an iteration, a refinement if you […]


13″ MacBook Pro vs 13.5″ Surface Book 3

Microsoft announced new Surface Book 3 models yesterday and the day before Apple announced thier refreshed 13″ MacBook Pro. Today we want to compare them and see how Redmond’s most powerful laptop stacks up against Cupertino’s. Surface Book 3 13.5″ Microsoft’s 3rd Generation Surface Book is more of an iteration, a refinement if you will. […]


Surface Book 4 | The case for a new design approach

Yesterday Microsoft announced a number of refreshed Surface devices like Surface Go 2, Surface Earbuds, Surface Headphones and both Surface Book 3 models. Today we will make the case that Microsoft should adopt a new design strategy for Surface Book 4. Surface Book When the Surface Book first arrived on the scene back in October […]


Surface Go 2 vs iPad Air

Microsoft officially announced the Surface Go 2 today and we posted our initial take on it earlier. We made a comparison between the new Go 2 and the iPad Air in just display size, networking and price, this article will dive deeper into that comparison. Microsoft appears to be positioning the Surface Go 2 as […]