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ARMs Race | Windows x64 emulation and more is coming to ARM PC’s in November

Microsoft’s initial reaction to the iPad was with Surface. It was thin, light and improved on many limitations the first few iPad models had. Now Apple is copying many of Microsoft’s moves with their iPad line that today look more like PC’s than tablets. Microsoft’s efforts with the original ARM-based Surface PC’s are building to […]

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Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service, the details

The Next-generation of gaming experiences may be Cloud Gaming and not PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. Cloud Gaming lower the barriers to entry in ways not achievable in the past. This holiday season gift givers will be able to give a gift children Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna & Google Stadia subscription gift cards […]

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How to set a default web browser on iOS14

The freedom to choose seems like something we take for granted (at least in the U.S.), that’s why Apple’s artificial boundaries seem so egregious. While there are a few work arounds to have your email app and a few others, open your browser of choice, you may still find yourself hitting a link and suddenly […]

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The long game Microsoft is playing with its game studio acquisitions

Microsoft is spending large amounts of money to acquire game studios with valuable titles that attract gamers year after year. Microsoft is also partnering with studios in a larger strategy to become the all-inclusive gaming platform that gamers from far and wide for. What do gamers want? Is there just one answer or many different […]

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Microsoft may host a Surface event next month

Microsoft is not done releasing new and refreshed PC’s in calendar year 2020. What else will these announce? Find out below when you subscribe.

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All the PS5 gameplay videos from the September 16th event

Sony hosted a PlayStation 5 games event today in which the company showcases footage captured on PlayStation 5 and revealed the price of both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Videos of all the PS5 gameplay footage below.

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ARMs Race | Apple Silicon A14 Bionic

Apple is hosting a virtual event today and Apple revealed the new Apple Silicon Arm-based chip in the new iPad Air. Read below for the full list and images.

ARM based Computers Editorial Mobile Computing

ARMs Race | NVIDIA acquires ARM

Softbank’s ARM Ltd., which designs the ARM instruction set for numerous chip makers like Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and others is being acquired by Nvidia, but will likely be facing regulatory scrutiny.

ARM based Computers Devices Editorial

ARMs Race | Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G additional details

The Windows 10 and next year Windows 10X (on ARM) platforms continues to grow and evolve with the most recent devices such as Lenovo’s Flex 5G, Samsung’s Galaxy Book S and Microsoft’s Surface Pro X leading the charge. A major part of this future is Qualcomm’s continued innovation with its Snapdragon 8cx platform.

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What is inside the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is surprisingly smaller than its big brother and designed for a new era of console gaming, but what’s inside? Check out the video of the internals below.