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Microsoft reveals Xbox Game Pass ‘Friends and Family’ plan and its pricing



Microsoft’s once rumored Xbox Game Pass for Family plan is now confirmed as the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan and we are also finally getting a look at its price too. Over a year ago, we made the case for an Xbox Game Pass Family plan citing the difficulty and added expense of having Xbox Game Pass for your family. Then rumors started swirling about its development, then eventually Microsoft itself confirmed its development. Now the new plan has been named and pricing has been revealed.

Microsoft’s new XGP Friends & Family plan essentially allows you to add up to four users in the same country to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. That means your friends or family in other states can join up and enjoy the benefits of the subscription with you. While Microsoft is currently testing this new plan in only Ireland and Columbia, it should soon expand to general availability globally. The pricing in Ireland is currently €21.99, which is essentially €5 per person a month to share all the current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

According to Microsoft’s FAQs, “There are two kinds of Friends & Family plan members: The primary account holder is responsible for payments and the only member able to add other users to the group membership, while secondary group members are added and/or removed by the primary member.

If you currently have an Xbox Game Pass subscription you should know:

After you join Game Pass Friends & Family as a Primary Account Holder, the time remaining on your previous plan will automatically convert based on the following table. Conversion ratio subject to change.

I currently have…When I upgrade, it becomes…
30 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate18 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days Xbox Game Pass (Console)12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days PC Game Pass12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days Xbox Live Gold12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days EA Play6 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
Product Page

Want to try Xbox Game Pass for Friends and Family? Follow our how-to guide here. When the new plan drops, the new Friends and Family plan will enable you and four other users (Xbox and PC) to enjoy all of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live (online multiplayer), and even access to PC Game Pass. You can go check out the product page here.



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