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Netflix job posting points to an expanded mobile gaming or new cloud gaming platform



Netflix hasn’t seen much success with its current incarnation of its gaming business but something new may be in the works according to a new job posting by the streaming giant.

“Netflix is building a new internal game studio to incubate and build a new class of hilarious, social party video games. – rapidly prototype and iterate towards a new game vision, building confidence on a great game prototype to eventually bring to full production and available to Netflix members.”

Netflix job posting

While the job description doesn’t explicitly call out cloud gaming, a few details listed under bonus skills may provide a few hints:

  • Experience with real-time networking and replication in addition to async request/REST based services
  • Familiarity with multiple game engine technologies such as Unity3D and UnrealEngine

We may not be seeing the fruits of this labor for some time since, we are seeing the job listing only now. Will it be cross-platform mobile apps or cloud gaming? The answer may depend on weather Netflix wants to continue with its current strategy for pivot to a new one.



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