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How to get started with Rumble Ads beta, the platform aiming to deliver market competition to the online Ad marketplace



Rumble, the video sharing platform announced launching its first beta of its new Ad platform called Rumble Ads, which marks the first step the company is taking to deliver market competition to the online Ads marketplace for which Google current has a stranglehold.

“Launching the beta version of Rumble Ads is a major milestone for our company, and even more importantly, for the entire internet. I’ve been in this space for more than twenty years, and the choice as a Publisher or Advertiser has always been limited. I’ve always wanted to see competition to Google AdSense and Ad Exchange, making today an important first step.”

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski

How to get started with Rumble Ads

  • Visit Rumble Ads
  • Enter your full name
  • Sign up with your email provided by your organization
  • Set a password
  • Enter your company name
  • Optionally, enter your phone number
  • Read then agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Verify you are a human
  • Select the Sign up button
  • You will now receive an email to verify your account, select the Get Started Button in the email
  • First, select weather you are a Publisher or an Advertiser
  • If you are a Publisher, enter the website URL of your company
  • If you are an Advertiser, enter your brands and/or verticals and all inventory types that apply
  • Select the country your company is based in
  • Enter your company’s headquarters address and any additional information that could help to describe your business
  • Select the Update Profile button to save and submit your information for approval

Currently, you will have to wait for approval, but with these steps completed your company or brand is well on their way to exploring and getting started with an alternative to Google Ads, Rumble Ads. Check back for additional how-to guides around Rumble Ads.



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