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How to enable the handy new battery percentage indicator on your iPhone



Apple has quietly been adding more and more features once reserved for Android is now coming to iPhone once iOS 16 becomes public this fall. Now with the fifth beta of iOS 16, Apple has added a battery percentage indicator inside the battery icon. Ever Since the iPhone X and the presence of the Face ID notch, iPhone have not hade battery percentage due to the lack of space, but now Apple is putting the battery percentage numbers inside of the battery icon.

How to enable the battery percentage indicator

  • Make sure you are running at least iOS 16 public beta 3 / iOS 16 beta 5 or later on your iPhone
  • Open the Settings app
  • Select the Battery settings option
  • On the Battery settings page, enable Battey Percentage
  • Enjoy!

Unfortunately for some iPhone owners, the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini seem to not be getting the feature due to space constraints, since the notch is larger in comparison to the width of the display. This could change by the time iOS 16 comes out of beta this fall.

Additional notes about the iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage feature:

  • When your iPhone is not connected to a charger, you will see the normal battery icon with the percentage number inside
  • When connected to a charger, you will see the percentage with a small charging icon
  • When your iPhone is in low power mode, the battery icon turns yellow with the percentage inside the battery icon
  • When your iPhone is below 20 percent, you will see the icon turn red with the percentage number inside the icon



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