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Halo Infinite Spotlight | Cross Core customization will start landing in August’s drop pod



Halo Infinite has long been missing core features and some of the features it has leaves you scratching your head and asking why, God why? 343 Industries has heard our cries and will start enabling cross core customization starting on August 9th. With this new move, Halo Infinite will have officially started down the road to cross core, and yes, I said started down that road because they will not be releasing it all at once. Instead, 343i will be starting with the easiest stuff first.

Soldier helmet attachment on a Rampart helmet.
Mark V [B]’s Stalwart visor on a Mark VII helmet.

Firstly, 343i is enabling cross core customization for visors. Easily the simplest thing they could have done for cross core. In addition to visors, 343i is also enabling cross core helmet attachments too. But not for all helmets, to start 343i is only enabling some cross core helmet attachments for the Mark VII helmets. So why not all attachments for all Mark VII helmets? 343i says that some attachments would not fit well on every Mark VII helmet. As long as you have already unlocked these helmets and attachments, they will be enabled right away. 343i will provide a full list of helmet and helmet attachment combos in the August Drop Pod patch.

Warmaster helmet attachment on Firefall helmet.
RAKSHASA’s Sapphire Front visor on a Mark VII helmet.

Multiplayer improvements

Note: This placeholder text is not indicative of future Challenges.

On the multiplayer front, 343i will be adding is the ability to view your challenges from the pause menu while in the match. Making things easier to remember what you have to do but there is a catch, its halo there is always a catch, you cannot see how much progression you are making since that will update at the end of the match. But at least you can still see what your tasks are at any time witch still helps.

Region Select progress

343i is laying some groundwork for required to turn Region Select on in the future. This would allow players to select between all searching across all regions (faster search times) or their local region (better pings). 343i says this feature is still some time away, but players may spot some of the backend work. 343i says they will have more to share about Region Select as it gets closer to its launch. 

Ranked Duos

Last but not least is that duos will be coming for ranked play so make sure to grab your BFF and your BTR’s because the best of the best halo has to offer is waiting for you.



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