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Halo Infinite Spotlight | How to view and understand your Halo Infinite stats



Halo Infinite shipped incomplete and many features that existed in Halo 5: Guardians and other games at launch, simply were not ready in time for launch of Microsoft’s latest flagship game in the Halo franchise. Features like Campaign co-op, Forge Mode and others are trickling out from 343 Industries (the current developer of Halo) and now Halo Infinite stats are available to view too. Below we will walk you through the steps to accessing and understand your Halo Infinite stats and determine how much of a sweaty no life you might be;)

  • Visit in your web browser
  • Login to your Microsoft Xbox account
  • First you will see your Progression page
    • Here you will see your current Battle Pass progression
    • You can also switch your Battle Pass to another season by selecting the CHANGE BATTLEPASS button
    • Under Event, you can select the GO TO EVENT button to see more details and progress in the current event
    • Under Challenges you can view the Daily Challenge, see current Weekly reward and select the GO TO CHALLENGES button to see the current challenges
  • The next tab is the Store tab
    • Here you have access to the current weekly featured store items, HCS store items and the ability to buy credits
  • Finally, the third tab is your Stats tab
    • On this page you can view your current season progression, your current event status, your highest current ranked status and highest all-time CSR
    • Next, you can see your Multiplayer games played in Halo Infinite, Total Battle Pass Ranks, Multiplayer Kills total, and total time played
    • Next you can view your last 20 multilayer Halo Infinite game stats measuring your actual kills and deaths against the game’s expected average kills and deaths. If you are constantly performing above the expected kills and under the expected deaths then you, my friend, might be a good Halo Infinite player. If you are getting 15-25 kills per multiplayer game then you might be what is called being “sweaty.”
  • Under that is the Multiplayer Stats area, this area is filled with info and you should take your time to look at these stats carefully.
    • Under the Multiplayer section heading is a powerful set of filters
      • The first filter is the Unranked or Ranked filter
      • Next is the Playlists filter, All Playlists is on by default, but you can select specific playlists to see how you perform in particular playlists.
  • Under the Medals section you will find your Medals
    • MultiKill medals
    • Killing Spree medasls
    • Mode medals are medals per game mode
    • Proficiency measures how you kill enemies, with what and more
    • Skill further measures how you kill enemies and more
    • Style measures how epically you kill your enemies

With this powerful new addition to Halo Waypoint now you can view, study and share your Halo Infinite stats enabling you to become an even greater “sweaty-no-life” and dominate your multiplayer sessions in epic fashion.



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