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How to access Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode early



Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode was included in the insider build of Halo Infinite but currently some intrepid users have only been able to access the hidden files on the PC version. Below we want to share a how-to guide on to access Forge Mode for yourself.

  1. Enter your Steam library
  2. Select Halo Infinite (Insider)
  3. Select the Play button
  4. Then Sign into the Xbox account
  5. IMPORTANT When the loading screen shows the text Accessing data centers for best connectiondisconnect your PC from the internet immediately
    • Pulling your Ethernet cable out or turning off Wi-Fi in Settings are the fastest ways to do this
    • You won’t be able to use Forge unless you disconnect at this exact moment
  6. Upon loading into Halo Infinite’s main menu, Reconnect your PC to the internet
  7. Select the Community tab
  8. Select My Bookmarks
  9. Select Forge UCN
  10. Select Custom Game
  11. Scroll down to go as far down in the list as possible
  12. Scroll up one selection
  13. Select that option
  14. Select Local Area Network
  15. Select your computer from the list when it appears
  16. Then scroll up until you see “Map details” in the bottom-left corner of your screen
  17. Either press the A button or the Enter key.
  18. Select a Map
  19. Then scroll down to go as far down in the list as possible
  20. Finally, Select that option
  21. Once you go through the process above correctly, you will load into a Forge lobby on a map you select
  22. Enjoy!

Accessing Forge Mode on Xbox may come in time and we will be sure to share that method with you when it does.



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