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How to get started with Apple Arcade on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV or Mac today



Apple’s Arcade service is like Netflix, but for Games. Offering a wide variety of titles to “play all you want” for a $5 per month subscription. The biggest draw for this service is that it corrects many of the negatives of mobile games and offers a gaming experience free of in-app purchases and ads. Apple Arcade also features a number of Arcade-exclusive titles like Warped Kart Racers featuring a classic kart racing experience with characters from shows like Family Guy, American Dad and King of the Hill.

We all know the problem with mobile games these days, constant adds, in-app purchases and games sole reason for existing to get you to buy extras in game. This model is 180 degrees different from the classic console gaming model. With console gaming you buy a game and play it, some modern titles offer in-game purchases but do not show ads like mobile games do currently.

Apple Arcade seeks to set right the problem they essentially help create by giving users a console like gaming experience without the need to buy any games or own a console. You can even try Apple Arcade free for one month.

Feature list:

  • Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV 4K
  • “Play all you want” subscription model
  • Many titles are exclusive to Apple Arcade
  • $4.99 per month
  • Subscriptions can be shared via Family Sharing
  • No in-app purchases, no advertisements
  • Over 100 games available
  • Available in over 150 countries
  • Wide selection of genres

Apple Arcade Game List

Here are some of the games on Apple Arcade. To see all 200+ games, you can browse the Arcade tab on the App Store.

  • Sneaky Sasquatch (adventure) Live the life of a Sasquatch and have fun being a little mischievous.
  • Spire Blast (puzzle) Match and blast colors to collapse colorful towers that have risen up across kingdoms.
  • WHAT THE GOLF? (sports) Laugh out loud in this genre-bending golf parody designed to put a smile on your face.
  • NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition (sports) 5-on-5 basketball featuring the latest NBA rosters, including stars like Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, and more.
  • Chess — Play & Learn+ (board) Play chess online with players around the world or learn and master chess skills with interactive lessons and puzzles.
  • Gear.Club Stradale (racing) Take a vacation in Tuscany where you’ll spend your days driving exotic vehicles. Build your dream car collection, start a hypercar club with friends, and enter worldwide competitions.
  • Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis (sports) Join your favorite Nickelodeon characters as they compete in this extreme tennis match.
  • Angry Birds Reloaded (action) Get the familiar and satisfying sling-shot action from the original game — now remastered with enhanced visuals, new characters, and plenty of destruction. Track your scores with local leaderboards against friends and family.
  • Crossy Road Castle (action) Climb endlessly fun and unpredictable towers to see how high you can ascend — solo or with friends.
  • Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure (puzzle) Match three puzzles to uncover the mysteries of the ancient temple realm.
  • Wylde Flowers (simulation) Explore a wholesome world where you nurture your magical abilities and unravel a mystery in this cozy life and farming sim.
  • LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways (adventure) Meet a group of thriving Castaways on a long-abandoned secret planet in this first-ever social, action-adventure LEGO Star Wars game. Available only on Apple Arcade.

How to sign up for Apple Arcade

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple device or on Apple TV select the Apple Arcade app
  2. Select the Apple Arcade tab in the App Store
  3. Select the Sign up for free trial offer button, you can always start subscribing afterwards
  4. Enjoy!


You can start gaming with the Apple device you already own or pick one up below with Apple TV devices starting as low as $179, iPad starting as low as $329 and iPhone starting as low as $699 or $16.66 per month with a carrier.


Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV are compatible with Xbox and PlayStation Bluetooth controllers so if you don’t already have one around snag one of the Xbox controllers below to use with your device today.

With over 100 game titles available, Apple’s Arcade is a compelling option for those firmly inside Apple’s hardware eco-system and even those outside of the eco-system who want to give it a try.



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