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ProtonMail rebrands to just Proton in privacy-focused platform unification



ProtonMail the Swiss-based encrypted email and VPN platform has announced a major rebrand and restructuring of its privacy focused apps all under the simplified name of just Proton.

“Today, we are undertaking our biggest step forward in the movement for an internet that respects your privacy. The new, updated Proton offers one account, many services, and one privacy-by-default ecosystem. You can now enjoy unified protection with a modernized look and feel.”


Proton sees their new unified platform as a reflection of their growth from an end-to-end encrypted email service to a platform of privacy focused services. In the past users could only subscribe to one service at a time, rather than an all-encompassing Proton services subscription. Today’s Proton platform enables access to all of its platform’s services like Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive.

As part of the platform unification and rebrand, existing users will receive all the new features at no extra cost. The new plans break down is below:

Proton FreeMail PlusProton Unlimited
Storage1 GB15GB500GB
Email Addresses11015
Folders and Labels3 folders and labelsUnlimited folders, labels, filtersUnlimited folders, labels, filters
Email Messages limit150 messages per dayUnlimited messagesUnlimited messages
Custom Email domainsx13
Priority SupportxYesYes
Proton CalendarxYesYes
Proton Drive (beta)YesxYes
Proton VPNxxYes
Monthly Price$0$4.99$11.99
Annual Price$0$3.99$9.99
2-year Price$0$3.49$7.99

A new unified Proton website

You can now sign in to your Proton Account at the new website,, the new centralized hub for all our privacy services. Besides giving you full access to all the services, including Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive, is where you will find all the privacy resources in one place. 

With the introduction of more services, Proton Mail has become just Proton to many people, and moving the website from to is a recognition of that fact. It was also necessary as they plan to launch even more privacy services in the future. 

Note that your current email address won’t change. If your email is, it will remain the same. However, will redirect to, and Proton web applications such as,, etc., will also eventually redirect to,, etc. If you are already logged in, you won’t be immediately redirected, but new sessions will use,, etc., instead. The choice of .me embodies what Proton is about – building an internet that puts you first.

More email address options

As more people join the privacy movement, having a recognizable and easy-to-share email address is crucial. This is why we’ve introduced email addresses that you can add to your account ( addresses will not replace your existing address).

We like to think of as a code — you can tell your friends and family to “Proton me” a file or message, so they know anything they send will be encrypted with Proton. 

Learn about adding addresses

Improved Proton plans

To make choosing privacy even easier and thank the people who subscribe to paid plans and support our mission, we’ve made several improvements to our subscriptions for free. 

If you’re already a paying subscriber, you’ll enjoy a storage boost and new features at no extra cost, including additional email addresses, VPN connections, and more.

We’re also launching two new plans, Proton Unlimited and Proton Business, which combine all of our services into one easy subscription so you can benefit from all our premium features. 

And because privacy is a human right, we will always offer a free version of our services. 

New logos and colors

Proton has introduced new logos, colors, and a modernized design that all Proton apps will share. Having a consistent look and feel across all our apps and services is something many in the Proton community have been asking for.

By having logos with a strong family resemblance, the new apps visually communicate that they are all part of the same privacy-by-default ecosystem. Every time you use a Proton service, you’re embarking on a journey to a better internet — an internet that is safe, private, and secure. 

Proton ecosystem is backed by strong encryption

While our services have been unified and the apps have undergone a visual refresh, the technology and encryption that underpin them remain unchanged: 

  • Proton Mail ensures your emails are private
  • Proton VPN keeps your internet activity private and unblocks all content
  • Proton Calendar encrypts your life events
  • Proton Drive stores and backs up your important documents with end-to-end encryption.

By strengthening the interactions between Proton services, the company is also making the overall privacy protection they provide stronger. With the new Proton, you are empowered to truly choose what happens to your data and enjoy a safe and private digital life. 

What’s next as Proton enters a new chapter

Proton’s mission continues to be building a better internet where privacy is the default, supported by a movement of millions of people. Driven by their belief that people always come before profits, their first priority remains serving the Proton community. They will continue this journey in a way that is unique to Proton. 

Proton will always be open source and fight for open standards, and they will remain completely independent, neutral, and community-first. The new version of Proton is only the beginning, and we look forward to bringing you many more services and features in the near future.