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Halo Infinite Spotlight | Fracture: Entrenched event review



Finally, the Eagle Strike armor core is live in Halo Infinite‘s latest event, going by the name Fractured: Entrenched. The new event will have players in a new version of hard point called ‘Landgrab’ where a captured zone will disappear. I was originally going to write this piece the same day the event launched but I had lost almost the whole day.

Not only that we will be getting this event for about four different weeks over going till about August. This time around 343i has the rewards figured out and they are super cool. Like the last Fracture event, Tenrai you will only be able to unlock 10 levels at a time.

Overall, during the entire event there will be 30 levels total, so as long as they don’t add anymore rewards at the last minute you will have 1 recovery week if you happen to miss a week. These events are brief but the challenges were pretty easy. I got them all done in a single play session so getting your new armor core will be really easy and take no time at all.


While both the Event Pass and weekly challenges offer cosmetics, for those looking for even more options the in-game Shop is the place to go. The shopfront will also be themed for Fracture: Entrenched, and you can expect to find additional offerings there throughout the week. Whether these are bundles with unique coatings and accessories, or additional emblems, there will be plenty to consider. The store will receive new batches of content every time Fracture: Entrenched comes back over the course of Season 2.

Now if you excuse me, I have some more Landgrab to play.