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Remote vs Onsite | Apple backs down from forced 3-day a week office attendance scapegoating health concerns



There is a major trend in the United States today, countless employees who have enjoyed remote work over the last two years are leaving jobs when their employer requires them to come back to the office. Chief among the companies mandating employees work on-site is Apple, who was about to require employees to work on-site in Cupertino Mondays, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Today Apple inform its employees that it is delaying the requirement that would have gone into effect on May 23rd.

Currently, Apple employees were required to go into the office two days per week, but the plan to require employees to come go in three days per week is delayed for “the time being” while not providing a new date for the three day a week plan. The company is citing a rise in COVID cases for the delay while also telling employees they must again wear masks in its offices. Additionally, retail employees in 100 US stores are again required to wear masks. So, Apple makes its employees return to the office without the requirement to wear a mask and now that they have to work in the office two days per week, those employees are again forced to wear a mask. Perhaps these employees should demand to just work from home all week so that they are not subject to the mandate.

The war over returning to the office is still being waged all across the United States and many are exercising their freedom to choose how they work by leaving inflexible companies like Apple. Some are choosing not to take an onsite job and instead opting to forgo career advancement in favor of remote roles and the work-life flexibility it delivers.