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Microsoft announces all-new customizable Adaptive Accessories



Microsoft has announced an all-new lineup of Adaptive Accessories meant to provide alternatives to the keyboard and mouse inputs for those with disabilities.

The devices include the Adaptive Buttons, Adaptive Mouse and Adaptive Hub. Both the Mouse and Buttons are made to support custom 3D printed accessories.

The core of the Mouse accessory is home to buttons and sensors that is designed to accept a custom palm rest like Microsoft’s tail accessory or a thumb rest that flip to the other side for left-handed use.

The programmable buttons enables you to add up to eight inputs to your PC. The inputs could even be used to program short cuts for more complicated tasks. Up to 4 buttons can wirelessly connect the Adaptive hub that acts as a kind of bridge between the accessories and your PC or phone. The Adaptive Accessories will be launching this fall but there isn’t any info on the cost of the devices yet.

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