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Gaming Platform Wars | How to play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad in 2022



Fortnite has another way for users to play the game on their iPhone and iPad today, with the announcement from Microsoft that Fortnite is now available on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Prior to today’s news the only way to play Fortnite on a mobile platform like iOS, iPadOS or Android was to play on the game on Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service or have a Samsung Galaxy phone where Fortnite has been available in the Galaxy Store for some time now.

This announcement marks a significant step in cooperation between Microsoft and Epic Games where the Fortnite maker previously blocked the game from being made available on Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. The announcement also marks another significant milestone in that Fortnite will be the first free-to-play game on Xbox Cloud Gaming. If Microsoft wanted to remain consistent in offering free-to-play games on its cloud gaming service then it should offer Halo Infinite Multiplayer as well, among other first and third-party titles. Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming is touch friendly and offers the ability to play with a controller.

How to play Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming

  1. First in order to sign in to Xbox Cloud Gaming and save your gameplay data you need to have a Microsoft account
  2. Second, as with all cloud gaming services, your experience will vary depending on your internet connection speed and bandwidth
  3. Visit on your iPhone or iPad using Safari
  4. On your iPhone or iPad select the Share button and then select the Add to Home Screen button to add an Xbox Cloud Gaming app icon to your home screen
  5. Select the PLAY FOR FREE button
  6. After a few seconds Fortnite will load
  7. Enjoy!

Alternatively, play Fortnite on Nvidia’s GeForce Now

  1. Visit GeForce NOW Fortnite Mobile Closed Beta | NVIDIA
  2. Select the Join Waitlist button
  3. Select the Get Started button at the bottom of the page
  4. Login or Create an Nvidia account
  5. Complete the registration form by selecting the device to plan to play the closed beta on
  6. Sign up for GeForce Now with either Free or Priority membership tier (either membership level allows an equal chance to be chosen for the beta).
  7. Now comes the hard part, waiting…

In light of Microsoft’s announcement, Nvidia now says “We are working with Epic to fully launch Fortnite with touch controls, streaming with GeForce performance, on GeForce NOW,” Nvidia told TheVerge. As always having choice in any market is always a good thing.

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