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How to sign up for Twitter



Twitter will be undergoing some changes that make the inner workings of the social network for transparent

  1. Visit Twitter
  2. Select one of the Sign up methods on the page (Sign up with Google, Sign up with Apple or Sign up with phone or email)
  3. Enter your Name
  4. Enter your Phone number or select Use email instead and enter your Email address
  5. Enter your Date of birth
  6. Select the Next button
  7. Opt out of Twitter tracking you across the web by de-selecting the checkmark
  8. Select the Next button
  9. On the Create your account page, check the info you entered for errors
  10. Select the Sign up button
  11. Twitter will now send you a verification code to the phone number or email you submitted
  12. Enter the verification code
  13. Select the Next button
  14. Now Twitter will ask you about your interests, will suggest people to follow and allow you to choose news organizations to follow. Might we suggest following @PltfrmDeCentral.

Once you set up your Twitter, try Twitter Blue for to get Ad-free reading of sites like Platform De.Central, The Verge, USA Today and others. Twitter Blue also offers and ‘Undo Tweet’ feature, a bookmark groups feature that expands the bookmarking feature and offers the ability to separate bookmarks into different folders. Twitter Blue will continue to be the place new and exciting features are released like the upcoming Edit button.

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