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How to get 1-month free of Paramount Plus and catch up on the Halo TV series



Paramount Global is teaming up with Microsoft to promote the new live-action Halo TV Series that launched March 24th by offering Xbox Game Pass subscribers a free month of the streaming service in hopes to get them hooked on the streaming services.

  1. You need an Xbox Game Pass subscription, get one here
  2. On your Xbox console visit the perks section on the home screen
  3. Select the Paramount Plus offer
  4. You can either open this in a browser on your Xbox or use your phone’s camera to access the Xbox Game Pass perks redemption page
  5. Input the offer code to redeem the Paramount Plus offer
  6. Create your Paramount Plus account (if you have one already, and want to take advantage of the offer to get the service free for a month, then create a new account with a new email address)
  7. Enjoy!

If you are a Halo fan, and don’t already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can grab a subscription below and take advantage of the deal.



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