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Halo Infinite Spotlight | 343 Industries needs to be held to account for their delay of campaign co-op



In the past, I have mostly written about Halo Infinite and all the new info you were looking for as well as be generally positive when talking about Halo developer, 343 Industries. Today however, after long delays of too many core game functions and 343i’s release of their disappointing 2022 Roadmap this edition of Halo Infinite Spotlight will be a little bit different. I have been given the green light to speak my mind about 343i’s 2022 Roadmap and more specifically, campaign co-op.

Now before we get started, we are going to get a little personal so you might understand the importance of Halo in my life. As a kid one of my friends introduced me to the world of Halo. We would play Halo every day after school at his house and it is one of my fondest memories playing the game. After moving away and recently returning about 3 years later, I found out my friend had passed away. I was heartbroken and to this day in my Halo service tag is ‘HOLT’, which was his last name in honor of my childhood friend.

Now that you understand Halo‘s importance in my life you may be able to relate when I say it’s so sad see this game in the state it is in. I swear it’s like 343i thinks Halo should be just like Call of Duty or Battlefield, where the campaign has much less importance. Halo Infinite‘s campaign is an amazing story, do not get me wrong, but it also is missing a number of important elements, most important of which to me is campaign co-op in both split-screen and online co-op. You can’t even replay missions yet. What the hell is up with that? Halo 5: Guardians had all these features at launch.

343i should be ashamed of how they have prioritized features in this game. C’mon, it’s the only game they make, what do they need to do to stay on schedule and ship features on time? More money to hire more people? Halo Infinite players are constantly subject to monetization tactics that get you to spend too much money in the game, so money is perhaps not the answer. Season 2 will be 343i’s last chance to get Halo Infinite’s features completed. Remember that 343i developers delayed Halo Infinite’s launch for a whole year and missed launching Microsoft’s flagship title with its next-generation console release.

Having to wait till “Late-August” to play a popular core feature of the game with friends locally or remotely after what will almost be a year by the time the feature comes is inexcusable and 343i needs to be held to account.



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