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How to run Windows on Valve’s Steam Deck handheld game console



Valve is now shipping its $399 handheld game console to those who pre-ordered it early and for those who are eager to load up Windows on the hardware, Valve now has drivers available. Below we will run you through a guide to help you load up Windows on your Steam Deck.

Since Windows 11 requires a TPU and Valve has yet to provide that, gamers will have to run Windows 10 if they want to run Windows on supported hardware although it is still easily possible to run Windows 11 on unsupported hardware.

Windows Drivers you’ll need:

  • GPU driver – download here, run setup.exe to install.
  • Wi-Fi driver – download here, run install.bat to install.
  • Bluetooth driver – download here, run installdriver.cmd to install.
  • Audio drivers are still being worked on by AMD and other parties. This document will be updated once those drivers are made available.
    • Until those drivers are available, speakers and the 3.5mm audio port will not provide audio
    • USB-C or Bluetooth can provide audio in the meantime

How to install Windows 10 on Steam Deck

  • To get to the boot menu, power down. Then, while holding Volume Down, press the power button.
  • Installation will be in portrait orientation (sideways) on the Steam Deck screen. You can switch this to landscape once Windows is installed.
  • To enter your product key during installation, you’ll need internet. Because there are no Wi-Fi drivers at this point, you’ll need a USB-C hub with an Ethernet port for internet.
  • Currently only Windows 10 installation is supported on Steam Deck. We are preparing a BIOS update that enables fTPM, which is required to install Windows 11. This document will be updated once that BIOS is available.
  • Enjoy!

Steam Deck is a PC, and other applications and OSes can be installed. If you’re installing Windows, you will need a few additional drivers to have the best experience. Links to these, along with notes for installing Windows on Steam Deck can be found below.

We are providing these resources as is and are unfortunately unable to offer ‘Windows on Deck’ support. If you get stuck and need a way back to the default Steam Deck OS, please follow these recovery instructions.



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