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How to easily speed up your Chromebook



Chromebooks are a diverse set of devices from laptops, tablets, All-in-One’s and sticks for general computing and education use cases. One common experience many Chromebook owners have in common is a slowdown over time much like their Windows PC counter parts. So, if your Chromebook is feeling a little sluggish these days then we have a handy guide for you to speed up your Chromebook yourself.

Check for updates

As with all OS publishers from Microsoft, Apple, Google and so on, sometimes one OS update could make your device slower than another. So, if you are experiencing a slowdown, then try the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Navigate to About Chrome OS
  3. Select the Check for updates button
  4. If there is an update to download then it will update now
  5. After the update select Restart to restart your Chromebook

Free up the internal storage

All phones, tablets and PCs start to slow down when the internal disk space becomes full and is generally recommended to keep around a quarter of your total disk space free.

  1. Open the Files app
  2. Navigate to Downloads in the Files app
  3. Identify files and media you want to delete then select them
  4. Select the Trash Can button in the Files app

Uninstall unused apps

Just like files and media filling up your internal storage, too many apps can slow down your device too.

  1. Navigate to your apps
  2. Select the Apps you no longer want installed
  3. Right click those apps
  4. Then select uninstall

Uninstall unused extensions

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select the More menu (three dots)
  3. Hover over More Tools then hover over Extensions and select it
  4. You will be presented with all the installed extensions on your Chromebook
  5. Identify any extensions you no longer want and select Remove
  6. Select Confirm your choice on the dialog box

Upgrade your storage and RAM

If nothing else above has worked, it might be time to upgrade your internal storage and your RAM to help speed up your Chromebook. Beyond that you could always buy a new Chromebook with more powerful specifications.

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