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How to jump to the most-watched moments of a YouTube video



Google now has a new feature for premium subscribers that enables users to utilize the progress bar of a number of videos to jump to the most watched moments of a video. Below we will guide you through the steps to use this highly requested feature yourself.

Image via Google

How to enable the new ‘Heatseaker’ feature

Like all YouTube experiments this feature may be temporary, unless it gets popular enough for Google to bring the feature to the public. Google wants users who try the new feature to provide feedback via Google User Experience Research – Discover How UX Research Works.

For users the ‘Heatseaker’ feature helps users go right to the good parts of a video but for creators, the feature could lead to less watch hours on their videos and therefore less ad revenue unless Google addresses that as well. The alternative affect for creators however, is that when creating videos, creators will choose to trim the fat so to say, which could be good for everyone.

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