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How to set an Alarm, Timer and a Bedtime reminder on your Chromebook



Google’s Chromebook’s are not only great at web browsing, productivity and games it also can remind you of your bedtime, enable you to set timers and alarms too. Below we will guide you through the step-by-step process to take advantage of these great feature on your Chromebook.

How to set alarms, timers and bedtime reminders

  1. Download and install The Google Clock app
  2. Once installed Open the Clock App
  3. Right-click the Clock app icon
  4. Select either New alarm, New timer or Start (to start a timer) in the Quick action menu

How to set an alarm from within the Clock app

  1. Select Alarm at the bottom of the app
  2. Select the + button
  3. When the analog clock appears select the hour you want to set you alarm for
  4. Then the Clock app will now start at the top of the clock so you can set the minutes for your alarm
  5. Set either AM or PM in the top right of the dialog
  6. Select Ok in the bottom right to confirm your alarm settings.

How to set a timer

  1. Select the Timer or Stopwatch button at the bottom of the app
  2. Select Start button to start your Timer or the Stopwatch

How to set a bedtime reminder

  1. Select the Bedtime button at the bottom of the Clock app
  2. Select the Get started button
  3. First set your Wake-up Alarm
  4. Select which days you want this alarm to apply to
  5. Select what sound you want to wake up to
  6. Select the Next button
  7. Now set a Bedtime
  8. Set the time your Chromebook will be silenced
  9. Select the Done button
  10. Now you will see the Bedtime section of the Clock app where it will show you an overview of your schedule.

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