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Adobe announces Creative Cloud Express



Adobe today announced a new stripped back and multiplatform verson of Creative Cloud Suite called Creative Cloud Express designed to deliver a light and powerful creative toolset to average folks and creative professionals alike.

Creative Cloud Express is perfect for those with no formal creative training. But it’s also a great addition to creative professional’s tools. The app gives you the ability to easily make a social media post, produce a simple flyer, resize an image, or craft a quick thumbnail image for your Premiere Pro video. Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Express are connected through shared Libraries, Shared Templates and Shared Brands, which makes it easy for creative professionals to share work with people with less formal training.

Creative Cloud Express includes features like the ability to remove a background from an image, trim a video, or create a meme-ready GIF easily. In addition, Adobe incorporated the ability to convert and export PDFs from Adobe Acrobat.

“It makes the core technology in our industry-leading products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro available with just a few clicks — and with no learning curve.”


Creative Cloud Express’ big trick is its huge library of templates, images via Adobe Stock and thousands of fonts to help the average person create compelling assets easily. Adobe Creative Cloud Express is available as a mobile app from Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store for free.



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