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In a puzzling move Microsoft rebrands Xbox Game Pass PC to just PC Game Pass



Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription includes access to its vast library of console and PC games and cloud gaming with a separate Xbox Game Pass PC subscription for those who don’t want access to console games and cloud gaming. In Microsoft’s quest to wrestle more market share away from platform like Steam, Epic and others, Microsoft is focusing more of PC game distribution and re-branding Xbox Game Pass PC to PC Game Pass.

In a tweet Microsoft cites potential confusion consumers might have with the term ‘Xbox’ for a PC games service. Why not call it ‘Windows Game Pass?’ The gaming industry’s term for the Windows Gaming platform is just PC, even though it should probably be called Windows and PC Gaming should be called Windows Gaming to be more specific since Linux computers are regarded as PCs too. All things considered the rebrand is just superficial as the service is retaining its Xbox logo anyway.

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