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Ubuntu publisher Canonical announces support for M1-powered Macs with Multipass 1.8



Ubuntu publisher Canonical announced it is bringing “fast and easy Linux to the M1 platform,” with what the company calls Multipass. Canonical describes Multipass as “the quickest way to run Linux cross-platform, received an update last week allowing M1 users to run Ubuntu VMs with minimal set-up.”

“Canonical wants to get developers running on Linux faster than any other option on the market, and the Multipass team has helped accomplish that.”

Nathan hart, Canonical Product manager

Multipass is capable of downloading and launching a VM image with only one command and provides M1 developers with a way to get Linux up and running in “as little as 20 seconds.” When Apple started shipping M1-powered Macs, compatibility with Linux broke. Popular VM tools such as VMWare and VirtualBox are hard at work to support the M1 platform but support is still in the preview stages. Canonical’s goal with Multipass is “free VM software that removes all set-up and configuration overhead so developers can get straight to the projects that matter to them.”