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How to download and install Fortnite for Android



The court battle between Apple, Google and Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite no longer can publish their games like Fortnite to Apple or Google respective App Stores, but fear not, we’ve got you covered with a How-to guide on where to and how to download and install Fortnite for Android.

How to download Fortnite for Android

Note: Fortnite is available today from two official sources – directly from Epic Games’ official website and from Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

  1. First you will need to Enable the ability to Download and Install third party apps in your Android device’s Settings
  2. If you have a Samsung Android device then visit the built-in Galaxy Store to download the Epic Games installer
  3. If you do not have a Samsung Android device then visit Fortnite Mobile on Android (, here you will be presented with a QR code and a URL
  4. Choose one of the methods above on your Android device and it will open the Fortnite webpage with a pop-up dialog installer for which you need to select Open
  5. Your Android device will probably try to warn you about installing unknown apps, find the Allow from this source option
  6. Then a prompt will ask if you want to install the app, select Install, when completed select Done
  7. The Epic Games installer will now appear in your installed apps list
  8. The Epic Games installer will send a notification with a Fortnite graphic on it prompting you to install Fortnite, select Install
  9. You may get another warning about installing unknown apps, again just select Allow from this source to continue the install
  10. Fortnite will now install, update and then open

Note: You may want to delete the installer after installation but Epic advises against that as the installer handles the updates for the Fortnite game. Enjoy!

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