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How to sync your clipboard across Android and Windows

Platform ecosystems like Apple’s delivers a level of integration that is envyed by many Android and Windows users. How can the users of the two most popular operating systems get that kind of integration? We have you covered with a helpful How-to guide on how to set up syncing of your copy and paste clipboard between Android and Windows.

Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard app’s latest update now includes the ability to sync your clipboard with Windows.

  • Download Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard from the Google Play Store
  • Sign-in to your Microsoft account in the Swiftkey app
  • If you are on Windows 10, make sure you have the October 2018 update installed at minmim and at best have Windows 11 installed
  • On your Windows PC navigate to Settings > System > Clipboard
  • Enable ‘Sync across your devices toggle’
  • Additoanlly you can Enable ‘Sync clipboard history’

One these steps are complete you will have a tighter integration that has not existed since the Windows 10 mobile days, with seamless copy and paste from SMS and Authenticator passwords and more. This level of integration is more important than ever for Microsoft, since the comapny is making the Surface Duo, now on its second generation.

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