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Microsoft Loop delivers live collaboration for the hybrid work era

Microsoft’s Fluid technology for live and collaborative components is now launching as Microsoft Loop with Loop workspaces, pages and components.

Loop components are live elements that can exist across various apps and can be updated in real time like a list in Teams that also can be shared in Teams or on a Loop page. Expanding on that, the Microsoft Loop hub, that acts like a project board where you can see all the Loop Pages and Loop components almost like a live File Explorer.

Conversely, Loop Pages are like an individual workspace where shareable collaborative Loop Components can be collected, adjusted and shared outside of the Loop page and edited in other apps. Loop workspaces can also be a place to track and organize Loop components.Collaborative remote teams are with us now and many organizations see the benefits of remote work continuing indefinitely regardless of when some states decide to get back to normal, so remote collaborative products like Microsoft’s Loop launch at this time seems quite welcomed.

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