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Google announces Android 12L optimized for foldables, tablets and Chromebooks

Google announced Android 12L today at their Annual Dev Summit, a feature drop design to optimize foldables, tablets and Chrome OS experiences.

Android 12L is designed for the more than 250 million Android tablets globally. Historically, Android on tablets has been a subpar experience with only Amazon’s tablet’s providing a decent experience.

In just the last 12 months we’ve seen nearly 100 million new Android tablet activations–a 20% year-over-year growth, while ChromeOS, now the fastest growing desktop platform, grew by 92%. We’ve also seen Foldable devices on the rise, with year-on-year growth of over 265%!


Android 12L is referred to as a feature drop and is designed to work better for larger displays with other optimizations including:

  • Homescreen: Top Google Search field
  • Power menu: 3×2 with Bug report and Screenshot actions in addition to Emergency, Lockdown, Power off, and Restart
  • Settings app & Setup wizard: Two columns with list at the left and right preference pane
  • Overview: Last app shown in fullscreen, while others are quarter-sized

Android 12L multitasking

Google says their goal for Android 12L is to make “multitasking more powerful and intuitive.” Android historically got minimal effort to make it work on larger displays but Android 12L includes features like a new taskbar that helps with app switching, a new split-screen mode with enhanced drag and drop views.

Android 12L multitasking

Android 12L Compatibility

Android 12L will receive letterboxing improvements to aid manufactures and developers alike. Android 12L Is also working with OEM partners to bring these features to larger display devices. Until Google pushes this to existing Android 12 devices, Google is launching these optimizations for Chromebooks, Tablets and foldables.

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