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How to play next-gen console games on you Xbox One with xCloud today



Xbox One was launched in 2013 almost nine years ago, both Xbox One S and One X are newer still. For families with kids of different ages, younger players may not need newer hardware while older kids may want to play next-gen games on their families Xbox One console. Why should older consoles suddenly be obsolete and unable to play new games? Xbox Game Pass and the xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming) feature is all about lowering barriers to playing Xbox games and with xCloud on Xbox One and another barrier is on track to get knocked down.

Microsoft recently updated some Xbox Insider builds in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings with the ability to access xCloud features like enabling Xbox owners to try games before downloading them. More than 100 Xbox Game Pass games will be available with the xCloud tech for demos or being able to jump into a game as soon as your friends send an invite.

How to play next-gen games with xCloud on your Xbox One

  • Note: Xbox Cloud Gaming is a feature of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (Xbox Game Pass links below)
  • If you are not already a Halo Insider – navigate the Microsoft Store
  • Search for the Xbox Insider app and install it
  • Sign into your Microsoft account
  • In the Xbox Insider app, navigate to Available Previews
  • Select Test Xbox Insider builds
  • Select the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring – Note: if you are not able to choose this ring, select the next highest ring and complete daily and weekly surveys to get your Insider score up, then Microsoft will make the Skip-Ahead ring available to you.
  • Go to Settings > System > Update and then check for updates to get the latest Insider Build
  • After your Xbox is finished installing the latest builds and restarts go to next step
  • Once on either the Alpha or Skip-Ahead build, you will now have access to over 100 Xbox Game Pass games available to demo from the cloud

Microsoft’s xCloud tech enables users to play next-gen Xbox games to be played on nearly any device and soon smart TV manufacturers will have an xCloud apps in their respective app stores which will enable a console-less gaming future. But until we get there, what about Xbox One owners? Microsoft only had referenced xCloud on Xbox consoles as a way to try games before you download them. It is now clear that xCloud tech has many applications beyond just what Micrsoft has already announced.

Do any of our readers still have an Xbox One, One S or One X and want to play next-gen games with xCloud on them? Let us know in the comments below.

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