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Halo Infinite Spotlight | The campaign will deliver a fresh open world experience to Halo fans



The new trailer for Halo Infinite’s campaign just dropped and let me just say, damn it looks good. The graphics have definitely gotten that overhaul it’s been needing, I had to remind myself that this was Halo and not God of War. That’s just how good it looked.

As for how the gameplay looked it looked like Far Cry, no doubt about it as the Chief makes his way around the open world of the Halo ring of Zeta Halo. Players will be tasked with taking out banished bases similar to Far Cry. If you need a vehicle you will have to find it in the world or go to a vehicle depo to call one in. If you watched this trailer and played a Far Cry game especially Far cry 6, you notice all similarities except Halo doesn’t have the pets companion system.

The Chief now also finally has upgrades that can be added to his armor like invisibility, which will be very useful to out maneuvering enemies. All in all, the upgrade system is pretty stereotypical with no major surprises.

343 Industries definitely took a few pages out of Ubisoft’s book when it comes to making this game and in not say at all that it’s a bad thing in-fact, I think it’s very much a welcomed change.