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Google offers to help Apple put RCS texting support on iPhone

In a recent Tweet, Google’s SVP Hiroshi Lockeimer offered and “open invitation to the folks who can make this right” in reference to “Group Chats don’t need to break this way. There exists a Really Clear Solution.” Notice that “Really Clear Solution” is capitalized, suggesting Google’s RCS standard is the solution to the aging SMS standard.

Green Bubble Takeover

Google’s big win with RCS was winning over carriers and getting them to commit to using it as the default for Android phones next year. What Google wants now is for RCS to be supported on iPhone. Lockheimer’s tweet was in response to a story that Pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau kept on breaking iMessage group chats with his green bubbles. That lead to the Official Android account drawing a parallel between green bubbles and the green Masters jacket.

RCS in Messages background

One of Messages best features now is its RCS support that includes end-to-end encryption for one-on-one chats. This means Android users will have more privacy when texting iPhone users and when iPhone users text back. As adoption of RCS grows, it could totally replace SMS, but what RCS really needs to succeed is for Apple to support it as a replacement for SMS. Apple prides itself on security and privacy and SMS just doesn’t meet their high standards. Apple could end up adopting the standard simply because its users demand it as a more secure alternative to SMS, but so far Apple has remained tight lipped on that subject.

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