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Microsoft’s new Windows 11 trailers feature Master Chief blowing a Banshee out of the sky

Microsoft just posted a bunch of new promo videos for Windows 11, with various videos featuring Microsoft Teams, the new Microsoft Store and Master Chief from Halo.

There are many familiar elements in these videos, the Chat app for Microsoft Teams, the new Microsoft Store and of course Master Chief blowing a Covenant Banshee out of the sky, which then turns into Windows 11 widgets.

We love the opening scene where the actress falls into here chair after tapping on the start menu on her PC. She then emerges in a desert where a Banshee seems to be closing in on her position. Just in time, Master Chief shows up in a Warthog, whips out a Rocket Launcher and blows the Banshee right of the sky. As the smoke of the explosion turns into Windows 11 widgets, Master Chief speeds off in his Warthog.

Each video features, similar scenes in different amounts for a cohesive message ahead of Microsoft’s October 5th Event where we expect the company to announce Surface Go 3, Surface Pro X (SQ3), Surface Pro 8, Surface Book 4, Surface Duo 2 and the SQ3-powered Surface Laptop M1 MacBook Killer.

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