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How to get next-gen features on your older Xbox One controller with a new firmware update



Microsoft has started to test a new firmware update for Xbox One, Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers today in the Alpha build for Xbox Insiders that will bring features found on Xbox Series X|S controllers to older controllers. Want to know how to update your older Xbox One controllers and get the next-gen features? Follow our how-to guide below.

The new firmware update includes Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) support for Xbox One controllers that feature Bluetooth connectivity. The original Xbox One controllers only had the Xbox Wireless protocol, while newer Xbox One S and One X controllers feature Bluetooth connectivity, making it easier to connect to a myriad of other devices, enabling experiences like Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) and pairing wirelessly with your PC or Mac. The firmware also includes a next-gen Xbox Series X|S feature that enables easy Bluetooth device switching by double tapping the pair button.

How to update your Xbox controller

  • Pair your Xbox controller with your PC or Xbox
  • Download and install the Xbox accessories app on your Xbox or PC
  • Open the Xbox Accessories app
  • Your Xbox controller should appear in the list of pair devices, select the three dots under the controller in the app
  • Select Update in the list on the left
  • Wait until the update is complete
  • Now you are running the latest firmware on your Xbox Controller

Another feature included in the updated firmware is the addition of DLI, which reduces input latency of older Xbox One controllers connected to next-gen Xbox Series X|S consoles. The new firmware update means there is less of a reason to toss out your older controllers for next-gen Xbox Series X|S controllers that would further contribute to more e-waste in landfills and helps extend older Xbox One controller’s life cycle.



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