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Alleged iPhone 14 design leaks ahead of Apple event for iPhone 13



Apple may be about to show us the iPhone 13 on the 14th of this month but Jon Prosser has allegedly leaked the design of the iPhone 14 today. At first glance perhaps the most striking characteristic is the lack of a camera bump, which could be due to the rumor that Apple may opt for periscope cameras in iPhone 14. Let’s dive into the rest of the details below.

Apple’s iPhone 12 was perhaps their return to the aesthetic of the iPhone 4 – iPhone 5S with iPhone 13 is expected to be mostly unchanged compared to its predecessor, but iPhone 14 looks like a fan render of what a modern-day iPhone 5S would look like. Jon Prosser has a good track record on accurate leaks but the one part of this that stands out as potentially fake or perhaps misinformation given to Prosser is the small circular buttons that are perhaps smaller in size than what was found on the iPhone 4. Those buttons would not feel nice to press down on with your finger due to the size, but perhaps the detail could change before production.

Image via Jon Prosser

The iPhone 4 love doesn’t stop at its design, the chassis is according to Prosser, made from Titanium sandwiched between both the display glass and back cover glass. According to the renders the iPhone 14 will retain is lighting port instead of opting for USB-C which is a shame.

Image via Jon Prosser

While Jon Prosser showed off four colors, according to Prosser these colors are not Apple’s colors, just his team showing off possible color options.

Image via Jon Prosser

Another aspect of the design that stands out, at least on an iPhone is the hole punch camera instead of a notch that Apple has utilized since the iPhone X. The iPhone 4 sandwich style design creates the illusion of thinness since the frame is thinner as result of the front and back glass being thicker. According to Prosser this may result in more battery capacity too.

Image via Jon Prosser

If these leaks are accurate then Prosser may have single handedly disrupted Apple’s expected customer upgrade cycle and you might just have those who may have opted for the unlucky iPhone 13 and now might just wait for iPhone 14 instead. What do our readers think of the iPhone 14 design leaks?



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